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Toddler Plastic Activities Playhouse

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Toddler Plastic Activities Playhouse

Product Description:
Your children will have a ball with this toddler outside playhouse wonderball fun house! This magical covered play house has an open design and bright color scheme that will fascinate children. This toddler outdoor playhouse will help children develop their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination as they toss the balls onto the roof and throughout the playhouse. The plastic house compact frame will fit inside a playroom or outside in the backyard. The wonderball fun house will keep your kids active for hours!  
  • Toddler outdoor playhouse has a working dutch door that provides open an close play
  • Kids flip the balls into the toddler outdoor playhouse or into the maze with the included flipper
  • On the outside of the toddler outdoor playhouse children toss the balls on the roof and watch as they fall through the maze of activities, the balls make fun plinking souns as they go!
  • On the inside of the toddler outdoor playhouse kids place balls on the planks and watch the fun plinko effect
  • Bottom basin is the perfect place to store the balls once playtime is over for the kids.
  • Toddler outdoor playhouse is great for indoor use too!
  • Toddler outdoor playhouse is recommended for ages 18 months - 5 years
  • Toddler plastic covered play house dimensions 33 Inches L x 36 Inches W x 42 Inches H

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