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Telescoping Roasting Sticks Forks

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Telescoping Roasting Sticks Forks Marshmallow Skewers Set Of 6 34"

Telescoping roasting sticks forks extra long design will keep you and your loved ones at a safe distance away from any campfire, patio fire pit, backyard firepit, barbecue grill, bonfire or bbq. The multi colored, heat resistant handles make identification easy. Featuring a strong, lightweight retractable 34" fork & a rotating axle at a flick of your fingers to prevent marshmallow, hot dogs and sausages from uneven cooking. The fork head is thicker and prevents marshmallow's from spinning on the stick when melting allowing you to make delicious s'mores every time! Convenient for camping, fishing trips, backpacking or at home. The set also includes a Canvas Travel Bag and disposable Bamboo Sticks set.

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