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Screen Mesh Door Magic Hands Free Mosquito Magnetic Curtain Bug Net Black Fly

  • $ 5898

Screen Mesh Door Magic Hands Free Mosquito Magnetic Curtain Bug Net Black Fly

Product Description:
Using a combination of long magnet strips and strong magnet blocks, Instant Bug Mesh magnets are sewn into the seam providing a perfect seal from top to bottom. Magnets from competing mesh products are fastened in plastic clips leaving gaps where bugs will sneak in. With regular use the plastic clips can come loose and fall off.

Velcro system
Instant Bug Mesh has a full length Velcro strip sewn into the mesh across the top and four 4.0 inch Velcro strips sewn down each side. Additionally you can use the provide push pins for an installation strong enough to handle years heavy household traffic. Competing mesh products ship with pieces of double sided sticky tape which is expected to stick to both the mesh and the door frame and simply will not last with regular use.
Installs in minutes- No tools required
- Strong Velcro
- Optional push pins provided
Instant Bug Mesh comes with a full 12 month replacement guarantee for manufacturing faults!- Selling fast, so be quick!
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  • Color: WHITE - New Design - Premium Magnetic Screen Door
  • Installs in seconds - Walk through hands free - Closes automatically
  • Size: 36'' x 83'' - Lets fresh air in and keeps bugs out

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