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Plush Cuddly Bob With Teddy Bear

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Plush Cuddly Bob With Teddy Bear

Product Description:
Is plush cuddly Bob embarrassed? His cheeks are red! With the plush cuddly minion bob and teddy bear feature plush, Bob's and hhis Teddy Bear's cheeks light up and glow. Plush cuddly Bob responds in his original movie voice when you hug him! Squeeze plush cuddly Bob's left h and or squeeze Teddy Bear's tummy for additional reactions!
  • Plush Cuddly Bob responds when you hug him
  • Squeeze plush cuddly Bobs left hand and he talks or squeeze his Teddy Bear's tummy and he reacts with glowing cheeks
  • Plush cuddly Bob Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)
  • This is Super soft & cuddly plush Bob Minion
  • Original voice with sound effects
  • Plush cuddly Bob wears soft plastic goggles
  • Plush cuddly Bob is 6.75 inches L x 6 inches W x 9.75 inches H

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