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Pet Supplies Cat House Blue Condo Pine Wood Shelter Lounge Kitty Bed Outdoor NEW

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Pet Supplies Cat House Blue Condo Pine Wood Shelter Lounge Kitty Bed Outdoor NEW

Product Description:
This 3 Story Cat's Home gives your cat a protected and loose environment that can be utilized both inside and out. Being made with strong pine development, sturdy composite shingles, weatherproof completion and the finest materials implies this feline house will bear years of utilization with next to no upkeep.

Felines can go back and forth utilizing the front entryway on the second floor or the side entryway on the first floor which has a slatted plastic folds to keep out undesirable wind and downpour. There is additionally an extensive entryway at the over for brisk access and simple upkeep. Once inside, they can climb, slither, hop and investigate between the three levels. The enchanting locked screens in addition to two look a-boo openings are certain to amuse even the most lively catlike.

When now is the ideal time for a catnap, your kitty can twist up on one of the relaxing decks for a snooze in the sun. The hoisted establishment advances air flow and shields your feline from ground chill and wet conditions, while the hard plastic balance anticipates rot because of wet soil. Suitable for felines of all ages and action levels. Speedy and simple get together. One year guarantee. Color: sky blue/white.
  • This 3-story wooden cat house has weatherproof finish
  • This cat condo has charming hinged shutters and peek a boo holes
  • Cat house has 2 kitty doors and 1 large hinged door at back for easy maintenance
  • Slatted plastic flaps in side door keep out wind and rain
  • Raised floor allows air to circulate keeping the floor dry and comfortable

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