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Novelty Toilet Seat Spider Cover Sticker

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Novelty Toilet Seat Spider Cover Sticker Creepy Topper Removable Halloween Decor
Product Description:
These are some creepy looking peel 'n place stickers! These stickers have spiders crawling out of a toilet bowl! These are a great way to creep out your friends, neighbors and family and would be a perfect prank item! They'll think twice before they take a seat and be flush with fear at the sight of this spooky Spider Toilet Topper. Put a lid on it and weave a web of Halloween fun with this clever decoration. 
1 per package
The Spider Toilet Topper is a vinyl toilet lid cling with a multi-color spidery print
Item Dimensions: H" x L" x D"- 17 x 11.75 x .063
Halloween party item
Peel N Place - Regular for festive occasions
High Quality

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