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LED Light Strip TV Backlight w/ Remote

  • $ 2187

LED Light Strip TV Backlight w/ Remote Color Changing Home Theater

Product Description:

LED light strip tv backlight will help relive your eye strain caused by long exposure to tv screens and monitors in dark rooms, it can also help help make the grays and blacks on your screen seem richer. You can use the remote to change the color (16 options), brightness as well as different lighting modes (4 options) up to 50 ft away. The 35.4" light strip and 46.45" USB cable is powered by your tv's usb port meaning there is no messy wires! Customize to fit 32-46 inch HDTV, can be cut as needed on desired length. Use the LED Strip to light up or create festive lights on your monitor, TV, or furniture. Use the 3M adhesive to attach to almost any surface. Light strip turns on/off with tv synchronously.

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