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Kitchen Faucet Light

  • $ 1299

Kitchen Faucet Light Color Changing Water Temperature Hot Cold Red Blue Stream

Product Description:

Kitchen faucet light changes color with the water temperature, giving you a red light for hot water and blue light for cold water. The nozzle will add a colorful light stream to any faucet! the kitchen faucet nozzle light blends easily with any decor. This faucet light comes with 2 adapters to fit most US water faucets and runs on three AG13 batteries, included but not guaranteed. The clear  indication of water temperature, hot or cold makes your water faucet safer for you and your children!
Kitchen faucet light adds a colorful stream of light to your faucet
Nozzle light color changes with water temperature
Kitchen faucet light changes red to indicate hot water and blue to indicate cold

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