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Inflatable Ring Toss Game

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Inflatable Ring Toss Game Kids Lawn Toy Pool Party Adults Indoor Outdoor

Inflatable ring toss game is a game your family will never grow tired of. Simply inflate the bases and set them up either on the ground or float them in a pool. The (5) 15” tall inflates are weighted with bean bags to keep them standing sturdily upright whether placed on the ground or floating on water. This is that inflatable ring toss game your family will never grow tired of. Not only does it work as one of the best indoor & outdoor yard games, but the inflatable bases and rings can all float, allowing you to place them in a pool and create a water ring toss game that will make for hours of incredible fun. It comes with (5) 15” tall inflates, (5) 7" flexible rings, and (5) neon carnival rings.
5 15" Tall Inflates
5 7" Flexible Rings
5 Neaon Carnival Rings

* Great For Indoor and Outdoor

* Can Use In Pools Too

* Accommodates up to 5 players

* Recommended Age 4 Years and Up

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