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Inflatable Air Lounger Bag

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Inflatable Air Lounger Bag Portable Sofa Beach Chair Camping Outdoor Black

Inflatable air lounger bag is great for whether you go to a music festival, a pool party, in the park, camping, or even skiing you have to take your portable sofa with you! This awesome inflatable air lounger bag lets you hangout in total comfort and offers you other possibilities too. No air pump needed, lightweight, easy to inflate and it also comes with a carry bag, a securing stake and a bottle opener! It even floats on water, making it the perfect pool lounger.

* Dimensions 79" L X 35" H X 20" W when fully inflated

* Maximum weight approximately 400 lbs

* Can be used on almost any surface such as grass, sand, concrete and even snow and water

* Includes a bottle opener, a securing stake and anchor loop and carry bag
* When the bag is not inflated and it is stored in the carry bag, it measures 15" x 4" x 8"

* Made of 2 completely different parts: there is the inside material which is a 0.7mm inner bag (like a plastic bag) and there is the outside material which is a 410D nylon material for increased durability and comfort (like a parachute material)

* 3 different stitched pockets  

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