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Hanging Grim Reaper Skull

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Hanging Grim Reaper Skull Animated 5 Ft Halloween Decoration Spooky Sounds

Hanging grim reaper skull is great for greeting Trick-Or-Treaters or visitors to your haunted house! This 5 ft. animated grim reaper skull can be hung from a tree, on your porch or in your living room! This 5 ft animated grim reaper skull has a long black flowing robe which floats eerily in the breeze and has red LED light eyes that light up. The grim reaper gives off sounds of haunting, bone chilling screeches and pleas and moves it hands in a sinister, ghostly manner.

* Red Led Light Eyes that Light up

* Moves its Hands in a Sinister, Ghostly Manner

* Sound and Movement Activated by Pressing On/Off Button

* Batteries Included

* Jaws can be Adjusted- Closed or Opened with the Appearance of Ghastly Laughter

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