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Color Changing Drinking Straws

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Color Changing Drinking Straws Reusable Parties Valentine's Gift Magic

Product Description:
Color changing drinking straws are great for kids parties, Valentine's day gifts and more! These magic straws are reusable and are dishwasher safe. Place the straw into your ice cold drink or frozen treat and watch the straw magically change color (off white changes to med pink/light red - pink changes to hot pink)! Color change will vary depending on temperature, lighting, and perception of color. Color change is due to temperature change. The warmer it is the lighter the color. The colder it is the bolder the color.

12 Magic Straws (6 white and 6 pink)
Novelty for Valentines Day, Parties or Small Gift
Top Rack Dishwasher Safe
Color change varies with temperature (See full description)


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