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Breast Milk Storage Bags

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Breast Milk Storage Bags Sterilized 100 Count BPA Free Pump Breastmilk Freezer

Product Description:
Breast milk storage bags are best for working mothers who have to leave their babies home while on duty. Using bottles to store the milk often require a lot of space in the freezer, but our bags are compact and small in size. These bags are totally odorless and BPA free. Each of the bags has been pre-sterilized for preserving the milk quality and retaining freshness. These can be stored in any way you desire. With self-standing ability, the bags can be placed vertically like a bottle, or you can simply lay them down to reduce space requirement and faster thaw.

100 durable breast-milk storage bags
6 ounce/180ml Capacity
Puncture-resistant and waterproof
BPA free

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